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Way back in 2012 the urge to go salmon fishing seemed to be the answer to ending the winter blues and in short order a trip was booked with Capt. Chris Speed of “Built for Speed” salmon charters. Little did I know at the time that the morning of May 22nd would alter my concept of what our local Vancouver waters had to offer. By mid morning my fishing partner Corey and myself were nothing short of ecstatic at the sight of a pair of prime Chinook laying in the bottom of the fish box weighing in at 31 and 26 lbs. Needless to say, another charter was booked in short order, then another and another, every new day on the water was an experience in itself, and a memory to cherish.

Captain Speed is not only one of the hardest working guides you will ever find, checking gear, fresh bait, working four downriggers, totally focused on the task at hand, ever determined to put his clients on to fish, a true pleasure just to watch such a professional doing what he loves to do.

Not only has Chris’s skills put many good meals on our family table, but his willingness to teach and share his knowledge of the local waters can make anyone a better fisherman. The end results? Now, 12 years later is that I now run my own boat, catch my fair share of fish and more great days on the water than would have ever imagined. Even with all of my new found success, I still book a few charters every year with Chris, not only as way to say thank you, but also to keep up to date on all of the latest and greatest techniques.

Thanks for everything Capt.

Dave Ryder

Our first time fishing for salmon and certainly won’t be our last! The trip overall was informative, productive and a lot of fun. My teenage son especially appreciated the opportunity to learn firsthand about salmon fishing and the interactive experience he gained. From learning about the type and use of lures, tide patterns to successfully reeling in and catching salmon, the day was above and beyond our expectations. The weather and scenery were also perfect so really can’t say enough about our trip. Chris was a great host and a great ambassador for responsible fishing in B.C. A definite highlight of our travel to the province. We’ll be back!

Elaine T.

I’m a fishing fanatic and live and work in the Lower Mainland but I have no time to own and run a boat. I book 6-8 trips throughout the year with Chris and that covers all my local angling needs. I talk to him 12-20 times a year getting fishing reports and general updates. Every trip is planned and catered for each particular group whether they be a couple of clients, family, colleagues, or friends but every trip has a common theme. They are all professionally handled with safety and customer satisfaction as a priority. I’ve never showed up without seeing him already there getting the boat ready. He knows the moments when he needs to carry some of the conversation or let guests carry on their own. My favourite trips are when I’m the only guest and we make a plan and fish it until it pays chatting about fishing and boats. He is a wealth of knowledge on both topics and is an expert on beautiful Howe Sound. It’s like fishing with a buddy on his boat that lets you show up with nothing, take off when you pull up to the dock and is happy to have you back next time. Once the trip is over you can get back to the city within the hour and get back to life or the grind until you show up for your next trip. I’m usually back hours before the wife is back from work and have dinner ready for her. Everybody is happy. Everything is taken care of. I would recommend Chris for those looking for something different than the “combat” fishing experience others offer. Chris is a certified Captain and takes the responsibility seriously and delivers a great customer experience. I’ve talked about getting my own boat in the 7 years I’ve known him but still haven’t been motivated to pull the trigger since I’ve known him.

Teddy K

On Ted's own rod and reel

Keith and I had a great day fishing with Chris. He is an excellent boat captain and fisher. He knows the local waters extremely well, knows and follows the rules, is safety conscious, and is a good teacher. I had never really fished before and he taught me the "fine art" of catching my first fish ever. Definitely recommend a charter with Chris for a fun experience.

  • Pat